Sunday, October 2, 2022

CALL TO ACTION FOR Kastellio Vaughan


















                Call To Action:  Please Contact the Following and Demand that Kastellio Vaughan 

 (AIS:# 00263279), is taken to an outside hospital immediately as he is gravely ill he needs and wants    URGENT QUALITY medical care in a hospital. He is currently being housed in general population at Staton Correctional Facility - Alabama.

Wexford Health Sources

Phone: 1-877-939-2884 (Ask For Family Legal Hotline)

Fax: 412-937-8590



WARDEN CAMELIA CARGLE – Twitter DOC - @ALCorrections

2690 Marion Spillway Road

Elmore, AL 36025

Phone: (334) 567-2221


GOVERNOR KAY IVEY  - Twitter @GovernorKayIvey





Address: 600 Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, AL 36130



Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Medical Contractor For Alabama Department of Corrections Is Wexford Health Sources, Inc.

   Kastellio Demarcus Vaughan AIS: 00263279

Please call, email, and/or fax Wexford Health Sources. Let them know that Kastellio Vaughan is gravely ill and demand that he is taken to an outside hospital immediately.

 Phone: 1-877-939-2884 (Ask For Family Legal Hotline)

Fax: 412-937-8590


Quality Medical Care Inside A Hospital Is Urgently Needed For Kastellio Demarcus Vaughan

1.)  I've provide a sample summary. Please write this summary in your own words.

2.) The link below is used to report the civil rights violation for the disabled. 

3.) After opening the form for veterans status chose no. 

4.)  Something Else Happened.

5.)  Where Did this Happen - Elmore Correctional Facility

6) When Did This Happen - 08/05/2022

     Report A Civil Rights Violation

  Disabled Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate In Need of Urgent Care

I am writing to express urgency regarding the need to provide AL DOC disabled inmate with quality healthcare.

 Mr. Kastellio Demarcus Vaughan – AIS#: 00263279 is gravely ill and in need of quality healthcare in a hospital outside of the Alabama Department of Corrections. Mr. Vaughn is a disabled inmate.  He cannot walk, he’s using a wheelchair, and is unable to carry out activities of daily living.  He currently wears diapers as undergarments and is afraid of losing his legs and his life. He is emaciated and malnourished. His sister, Kassie Vaughan has also stated he vomited waste.

Kastellio told Ms. Kassie Vaughan that his feet are the size of footballs, and the back of his legs and the top of his feet are hard and discolored. The hole in his chest is still there, and he thinks it is infected.

Alabama Department of Corrections states Mr. Vaughan signed a waiver to have his medical records released. The question is, was he competent to sign the waiver, if he indeed signed it, and as sick as he is, did he know what he was signing?

Alabama Department of Corrections also said that, “… Vaughan was admitted to Jackson Hospital in Montgomery on August 5 for a bowel obstruction. He then underwent surgery. Following the surgery, AL DOC states Vaughan opted to be discharged Against Medical Advice on August 10.” Alabama News Network Article

If Mr. Vaughan was given quality medical care, certainly he was given prescribed pain medication. If so, Mr. Vaughan was not able to make a competent discharge decision under the influence of prescribed painkillers.

Mr. Vaughan’s Civil Rights are being violated as a disabled human being. He was movedhoused at Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore County, Alabama. Please do not allow him to waste away.


Friday, August 12, 2022

Dash Cam Video Shows Eugene Lewis was not beaten by Highway Patrolman in McComb, Mississippi

In this case, the State Trooper was NOT in the wrong. Dash cam video proves Eugene Lewis was not beaten but, faked a seizure and most definitely resisted arrest.

"On Aug. 5, Mississippi Highway Patrol State Trooper Hayden Falvey made a traffic stop on Delaware Avenue in McComb on a vehicle traveling at high speeds.

According to DPS, Falvey chased Lewis, stopping him on Schmidt Road. While approaching Lewis’ vehicle, Falvey smelled a strong aroma of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle, and when he got to the vehicle, he noticed Lewis’ eyes were bloodshot and had a strong odor of burnt marijuana on his breath. It was determined at the time that Lewis’ driver’s license was suspended and that he was driving without insurance.

Lewis admitted to Falvey that there may have been a joint, or “roach,” in his vehicle [0:55], as well as admitted to smoking marijuana about 45 minutes to an hour before the traffic stop [1:10].

Falvey would place Lewis in handcuffs after developing probable cause that Lewis was driving his vehicle under the influence and may have illegal narcotics, and he began a search of the vehicle [2:10]."

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Friday, October 15, 2021

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