Sunday, April 7, 2013

Biography of Nancy Lockhart

Nancy Lockhart, M.J.

I am known as the nation's non attorney legal analyst with a sincere passion for researching and publicizing wrongful convictions and issues of grave injustices. I am most notably recognized for volunteer work in freeing The Mississippi Scott Sisters; while my resume encompasses numerous measurable results, those results are brought about with applications of legal analysis, mobilization through organizing and social networking for justice. 

For the past year, I've volunteered to bring justice for "The Little Girl" who was raped at the age of three. She explained what happened to her and identified the perpetrators who have yet to be arrested. At the age of 7, "The Little Girl would like to know why, "When children do bad they go to time-out and when adults do bad nothing happens"? To date this campaign has become a global campaign through social networking for justice and on the ground mobilization.

I hold a Master of Jurisprudence from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Clark Atlanta University and an ABA approved paralegal certificate. Initially, my goals for the M.J. degree were to become a regulatory compliance analyst working with FDA regulations and cycles of prescription drugs. While supporting myself as a consultant for RainbowPUSH Coalition, a brutal education in social justice was received; that education redirected my path in life and rekindled a passion for advocacy which had been instilled at an early age.

I learned of the Scott Sisters' plight while at RainbowPUSH and solely championed their cause because no one else would.  After graduating, I created a global movement to Free The Scott Sisters with Mrs. Evelyn Rasco.  Through social networking and on the ground mobilizations, I became a pioneer in using legal analysis, legal strategies and social networking applications to bring issues to mainstream media. My usage of internet radio, blogs and social networks forced mainstream media to cover issues.

As a third generation public school teacher, I followed the tradition of creating "outside the box" teaching strategies for students "labeled" learning disabled. My consciousness and disapproval of the "school to prison pipeline" led to working with juvenile delinquents. As a Reader's Digest DeWitt Wallace Fellow to Bread Loaf School Of English, I collaborated with The Bread Loaf rural Teacher Network to create and implement writing and technology within rural public schools.

I remain passionate and committed to overturning wrongful convictions and exposing injustices through social networking for change.