Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What Group of People Will Become Kim Burrell's Next Victims?

By Nancy Lockhart

In Christianity, ministers are authorized by churches or organizations to provide spiritual guidance within the church and community. Watching a minister spew such hate and venom from the pulpit was shocking. My initial reaction was - "she has a personal vendetta against someone" I'm wondering what caused this blatant disrespect and un-Godly message from the pulpit. What ever the cause, I feel that the Black church has more to talk about. What about saving some souls? What about uplifting poor people who are most certainly going to face difficult times in 2017. What about police murders, homeless people and the list goes on indefinitely.
No, this woman found the need to stand in the pulpit with tights on - spewing HATE and Venom. I find this very Ungodly.

In Response to Petition in Support of Kim Burrell:

One of the things you're missing is the fact that she certainly did not have a problem taking gay people's money. She was happy to work on an album with openly gay Frank Ocean. She was very happy to accept money for this upcoming movie, aren't gay people in the movie or didn't GAY people produce the movie? I'm not certain. She was Happy to go on Ellen's show to perform promotions for the upcoming movie. Those shows pay appearance fees. (Thankfully she was cancelled) Karen Burrell would have taken GAY Ellen's money. Is this money perverted? No I'm not in support of this at all. Standing in church brutally criticizing a particular sector of people (not knowing a camera is filming) and working with them for HUGE FINANCIAL GAIN is hypocritical in the Christian faith, last time I checked. I cannot support hypocritical actions. Individuals as such seem to find reasons to continuously attack.

What group of people will the next victims come from?