Saturday, September 27, 2014

Make Police Brutality A Crime In All Jurisdictions: Sign The Petition Below

Police brutality is not ILLEGAL in most jurisdictions. In other words, police brutality is not a crime in most places around the U.S. Officers are increasingly using excessive force for misdemeanors and simple traffic stops. Others are using deadly force for no justified reasons at all. 

 The choke hold is legal in most jurisdictions. Policies must be changed to include making the choke hold ILLEGAL. Policies must be restructured to included banning excessive force for misdemeanors and disallowing deadly force for misdemeanors and routine stops. If police use deadly force and/or excessive force the initial result should be termination from the police department, charges, arrests and prosecution.  

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Thursday, September 18, 2014



For two months, Imam Jamil Al-Amin #99974-555 has undergone tests at Butner FMC in North Carolina.

Imam Jamil has smoldering myeloma, which is an inactive form of multiple myeloma. Individuals with smoldering myeloma generally are monitored without receiving treatment, although there are studies that indicate early intervention with medication could prevent the progression to active multiple myeloma. 
The physicians at Butner FMC have not recommended that Imam Jamil receive any medication for his smoldering myeloma. They agree that he should be monitored and tested every two to three months to determine any progression of his condition. Imam Jamil has other medical conditions, which have not been addressed adequately at the Butner FMC.

1. Ask that Jamil Al-Amin is NOT returned to Florence ADX, and Request that he is NOT placed in solitary confinement because of his chronic medical state.

2. Request that Jamil Al-Amin is held - pending his appeals at Butner, NC or a Georgia state facility to have access to his team of attorneys.

3. Request close monitoring and exploration of treatment for Jamil Al-Amin's medical conditions. 


Charles E. Samuels, Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons phone:202-307-3250

Dr. Newton E. Kendig, FBOP Medical Director
 phone: 202-307-3055 

Eric Holder, Attorney General, DOJ 202-514-2001 

DOJ public comment line, 202-353-1555, or 

Office of General Counsel, Kathleen M. Kenny 
  phone: 202-307-3062 

The White House phone: 202-456-1414
Select Butner FMC and #99974-555