Monday, July 29, 2013

#TheLittleGirl - Raped Before The Age of Three In Athens, Georgia

Approximately 5 years ago, a 3 year old Black child was repeatedly raped and tortured in Clarke County, Georgia. Evidence has surfaced which shows that she was probably raped and tortured before the age of 3. The child gave vivid details and enough information for Child and Family Services to remove her from the home however; after being removed no one was arrested or charged for the rapes. ‪#‎TheLittleGirl‬ needs a conviction.The Athens Clarke County Police - under the direction of Chief Lumpkin Sr. - have not made an arrest in 5 years. Listen to details of how this case has been swept under the rug for the past five years in the college town known as Athens, Georgia. Learn about services for the North Georgia Cottage who did absolutely nothing to secure an arrest. Visit:
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