Friday, August 9, 2013

Innocent Family Terrorized When Police Show Up At Wrong Address - Dekalb County Georgia

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Credits - Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints 
 DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- An innocent family was awoken at 1:30AM to the sound of banging on their front door. Intruders with flashlights were outside pounding incessantly. One of the intruders spotted one of the residents. I saw yo' ass, open the door!" he shouted. The resident responded, "What is this about? Why are you here?" The angry voice responded "I'm not telling you s***, what you think this is?" Occasionally the intruder would shout, "Open the motherf***ing door n*gga!" The men claimed to be police officers, but they were behaving more like gang members. The family was very intimidated by the aggression and disturbing demeanor of the men outside. They doubted whether the visitors were actually police officers. Perhaps they were security guards? The intruders were shouting an address, which happened to not match the address of the house. The resident tried to explain that to the men but they did not care. The incessant pounding on the door continued for 20-25 minutes. The resident dialed 9-1-1 to verify that the men were police officers and requested that a supervisor show up to control these aggressive officers. Nobody else ever showed up. Finally, the family decided to open the door, to spare it from being broken down by the maniacs outside. They were visibly shaken, horrified, praying out loud. The mother and her two sons unlocked the door reluctantly. "I rebuke Satan back to the depths of Hell from whence he came!" cried the mother. "I haven't done anything wrong!" The moment the door cracked open officers shoved their way inside, screaming profanities and threats. The family members were assaulted, shoved to the ground, and berated for another 90 minutes. An officer tried to stop the recording but failed. "YOU GON' OPEN THE DOOR WHEN I TELL YOU TO OPEN THE DOOR!" shouted one angry officer. "PUT YO HANDS BEHIND YO BACK! RIGHT NOW! IMMA TASE THE S*** OUT YOUR ASS!" barked another officer. "F*** WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO!" "YOU OPEN THE DOOR WHEN WE COME TO YO DAMN HOUSE!" "Sir this is illegal, we haven't done anything wrong," pleaded one of the sons. "SAY SOMETHING ELSE! IMMA TASE YOUR ASS!" The Dekalb County Sheriff's deputies did not have a search warrant. They forced their way in, uninvited, and illegally searched the entire house. The victim's statement on YouTube says that police removed items from his mother's purse which are now missing, including $48.   Credits - Police State USA: Land of the Checkpoints

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