Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Save My Seat In Cyberspace - Taking Care Of Business Workshop

Taking Care Of Business
With Nancy Lockhart

Life happens, for everyone. Whether you're building a business, trying to avoid eviction or foreclosure, having a criminal record expunged, seeking ways to remain safe at home and on the Internet, or writing a book. Whether you're purchasing a house or clearing heirs property, writing a will, opening an estate, seeking custody of your child, trying to lower child support payments or on a job and some crap happened and you don't know what to do...... Some things come intuitively and some things Don't.

Some stuff you can only learn by showing up - Showing up and Taking Care Of Business..

The workshop will be recorded and you will get the recording within 48 hours to keep and use forever, ever ever !

This is what I've learned.
You will be Kicking yourself with Coulda Shoulda Woulda's!!!!!!!!
No worries that's why I am here.
The Taking Care of Business Workshop will be Saturday August 24th 2013.
This is an ALL DAY workshop from 1pmEST to 6PM EST

ANYONE in the world can attend by listening in. You will need a working computer with internet access (no dial up ) or, a phone (make sure it's charged up).

You do not have to be present to take part in the workshop, you just sign up and you will get a recording that is yours to KEEP for Ever.

I look forward to see you in The Taking Care of Business Workshop..
All you have to do to join me is say SAVE MY SEAT NANCY ! (e-mail –
and send the payment to paypal.
Include a short note with your Name, Phone Number and a good email address

Come and Take Care of Your Business Please!



  1. I think I've heard of you! Can you pls share a little more about your workshop?

    Also, does it matter if I have a slow Internet connection? Or will I still be able to attend/listen?

    Thank you in advance.


  2. The workshop is recorded and available for purchase. As long as you're able to listen to mp3 the Internet connection shouldn't matter.