Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shooters Stance The Web Series Episode 1 "Team Player"

Shooters Stance is an American Dramatic Web Series that takes place in Los Angeles. Starring Alfred Woodley who is also the creator and writer of this fictional work. This series does not in any way seek to Disparage, Fabricate or Tarnish the image of the Los Angeles Police. Shooters Stance takes place in a corrupt culture within the Los Angeles Police Department. The portrayals of excessive deadly force, questionable Officer Involved Shootings of innocent unarmed civilians is simply ART imitating life in 21st Century America, This Web Series holds up the proverbial mirror to the faces of Bad Cops, Bad Police Policy a Bad Judicial system, and Bad Politicians all complicit in allowing Public servants to Gun down its citizenry, Leaving in its wake a path of Death, Destruction and a vast community of people fed up and prepared to take a stance... A Shooters Stance! Alfred Woodley and A-Train Motion Pictures presents a Worldwide Youtube Audience release of Shooters Stance.

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