Wednesday, April 15, 2015

UPDATE: Ramsey ORTA has been released

Major problems began for Ramsey Orta immediately after filming the NYPD murder of Eric Garner. Ramsey has been stalked and harassed by police on a continuous basis.

 Mr. Orta's latest charges are Trumped up drug charges where his mother was also arrested. The offer to contribute sixteen thousand dollars ($16,000) as seen in the video, was RESCINDED. 

 Donations Are Urgently Needed: 

Ramsey fears for his life. Rat poison has already been located in food. See the information below. 
 "The same day we held the press conference (March 12th) a hearing was taking place in Federal Court. A law suit was filed on behalf of 19 inmates who were denied medical treatment and or testing because of the rat poison discovered in Meatloaf. The Anna M. Kross facility on Rikers Island admitted the substance found in the meatloaf was in fact rat poison but claims no knowledge of how it got there. This is the exact facility where Ramsey Orta is being held. The judge dismissed the lawsuit claiming to be unable to determine what the inmates suffered as a result of the rat poisoning because all had submitted the same paper work in the case. There are several stories regarding it online." See the link below. 
NY Post Rat Poison Article

White Supremacists donated roughly one million dollars to George Zimmerman as a reward for murdering Trayvon Martin. 
Darren Wilson received about the same amount for murdering Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. 

Why can't we assist Mr. Orta with $16k dollars for bail? He filmed the video of the NYPD Eric Garner murder. 

 Important LINKS 

 Donate link - Video Link - 

Link To The Nancy Lockhart Show 

 Link To National Action Against Police Brutality Petition

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