Saturday, January 11, 2014

( – The godmother of the four-year-old boy who beaten to death by his father’s new transgender “girlfriend” tells that ACS goes out of its way to hurt Black families and makes it impossible for parents to get the help they need to be able to keep their children or to be reunited with their kids. “

ACS claimed that they were trying to help [Myls' mother Ashlee] remain with her children, but I don’t believe that. They never offered preventative servcies. They wanted to keep the child in foster care because that’s where the money is,” the godmother said. “ACS wasn’t doing a good job.

I remember when that little girl Nixmary got killed. They call themselves cracking down when she was killed and but the poeple who they should be taking their kids. They don’t take their kids. Like this monster who murdered my godson. These people are killing innocent children,” the godmother said. She says ACS tricks parents and “makes them jump through hoops and diagnosis [parents] with having some kind of mental illness. I don’t think it’s fair.”

Myls Dobson’s family is seeking help to bury Myls and feel ACS should step up to pay for the cost to bury the child. 

Myls Dobson was found unconscious in the bathtub of a Manhattan high-rise on Wednesday morning after allegedly suffering abuse at the hands his caretaker, 27-year-old Kryzie King, for three weeks. The little boy had lost 14 pounds in 18 days – leaving him weighing just 37 pounds – after he had not been given any food since December 26, 2013, DNAinfo reported.

King later allegedly told police that she had beaten the boy with a belt, locked him outside in freezing temperatures in nothing but his underwear and burned him with cigarettes to discipline him.

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