Monday, January 6, 2014

Fight For Travion Blount. Mail a letter or send an e-mail.

Write a letter AND Mail a letter for Travion Blount Today.  FIGHT for Travion Blount 
Pardons Specialist Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
 Post Office Box 2454
 Richmond, Virginia 23218-2454 

 Ask that Travion Blount is given a conditional pardon for the excessive, cruel and unusual sentence that he has received. In the State of Virginia -" 2. A Conditional Pardon is available only to people who are currently incarcerated. It is usually granted for early release and involves certain conditions; if you violate these conditions, you could be put back in prison. There must be extraordinary circumstances for an inmate to be considered for such a pardon."     From Clemency Website.

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